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The Ateneo de Manila University has on-campus accommodations for students, visiting faculty members and guests. The Residence Halls provide shared spaces for a diverse community, creating opportunities for personal enrichment and growth.

The Residence Halls offer 24-hour security assistance and each building is equipped with CCTV cameras. There is a standby ambulance for emergencies. Residents have access to cafeterias, laundromats, kitchenettes and study rooms/areas.

Students may choose to stay in quad or twin-sharing rooms. Rooms for long-term stay and transients are available.

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Ateneo Residence Halls
Ateneo Residence Halls
The Ateneo Residence Halls, under the Loyola Schools, is a three-building residential complex with over 900-bed capacity. Cervini Hall is exclusive to male students while Eliazo Hall is exclusive to female students. The University Dormitory has two wings, the North Wing is for male students and the South Wing is for female students.
International Residence Hall
International Residence Hall
The International Residence Hall, under the Office of the Vice-President for University and Global Relations, is a five-story, 310-bed facility for local and international students, faculty and guests. There are designated floors exclusive to male and female students.